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Mark as read

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've searched, but can't see if there is a way to add a button to "mark all discussions as read". ==And is it possible to have a "subscribe to thread" function?==


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    edited August 2006
    I suspect, now I'm just guessing here, that the MarkAllRead extension does it. And, guessing again, the Notify extension will probably cover the other one for you.

    So yeah, searching does work after all!
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    minisweeper -- you're fast and very sarcastic :) Thanks, man, don't know why I couldn't find that one... Still trying to decide between Vanilla and MiniBB (the only thing now that MiniBB does which Vanilla doesn't is have tha second post of every discussion automagically be inserted with Adsense code)
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    Yeah, I'm on sarcasm overload today. I got a call from work this morning telling me lightening put out all the phone lines and most of the network which is never the most enjoyable way to start a day in which you had planned to spend most of your time at home. Fortunately the network and internet is back up and only 1 of the pc's is written off, but the phones are still down and I'm still in the office waiting for people to get back to me when i have 101 other things to be doing. YAY!

    And there are a few adsense extensions out there. Someone was certainly trying to put the code in after the start of a discussion but I'm not sure how far they got...
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    Aren't Mondays just WONDERFUL? How come there were no surge protectors for the network? Would've saved you a lot of hassle...
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    It should be fairly trivial to get the second post injecting adsense. I would do it, but my plate is a bit full now.
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    There were. Both servers have UPS' on and both were fine with a quick poke. And all the pc's which were turned off turned out to be alright people were just confused why they booted themselves. Just the 1 pc which was left on over the weekend must have had a surge (i assume, atleast, most of it seems to be fine but the drive is completely dead - it's been on its way out for a while though). The network hardware is also fine after a quick poke.

    The phone system which was put in recently was on a UPS but I'm not convinced how effective it is. And I have no idea how the actual lines work since that's nothing to do with me but I'm told BT have found a fault on 3+4 though 1+2 seem to be fine (yet still not working - go figure) and are working on it as we speak - though I'm not entirely convinced.
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    Wallphone said: "It should be fairly trivial to get the second post injecting adsense." Is anyone working on this/planning to work on this?
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