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Vanilla / Wordpress Integration

MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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  • *strokes mark for saving me the effort of typing 'not yet' every time someone asks about this.

    Wanna add it as an FAQ big man?
  • This is truly cool. I only wish I were a Wordpress user ;-). Now, if only a MODx person would do the same. I could (and may) attempt it but the ensuing destruction might bring the entire Internet to its knees. Or a TextPattern weenie. Those are my CMSes of choice. Then again, maybe I should take another look at Wordpress and stop the madness.
  • Agh.... it comes after I start using TextPattern :(
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I've never used drupal before, but if I write another one of these, that will probably be next.

    Seriously - it's not hard to do it with just about any system. It just takes patience in learning/understanding how the other app handles authentication.

    @mini - yes, good idea.
  • Ok, for the people who don't know any there an example of what you did? What is the extent of the integration?
  • Could this work with File Browser, integration I mean.
  • Naah. I need wordpress >> vanilla migrator.
  • Anyway, I like this sentence in this guide "... but don’t get scared. "
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @Evan: all of the examples are included in the guide: Integrating with the Filebrowser is a different beast since the Filebrowser is built to NOT use a database at all. That would require a guide all it's own.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    lol @ toivo :)
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    Hey JEFFBAX... I just finished integrating Vanilla into TextPattern using only TextPattern plugins. (OK, so I also made a quick Theme change to add a 'back to textpattern' link on Vanilla.)

    I have working: single login to TP and Vanilla, single logout, change password, and I've just finished the self-registration bit.

    Unfortunately I'm going away for 3 weeks now so I won't get chance to write it up just yet.
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    In the last part of your tutorial, about the UserManager delegation, why do you need to clear the sql objet, That will might stop an extension that use the same delegation to work.
    Wouldn't that work the same:
    if ($Context->SelfUrl == 'people.php') { function UserManager_AddWordpressFieldsToCreateUser(&$UserManager) { $User = &$UserManager->DelegateParameters['User']; $SafeUser = clone ($User); $SafeUser->FormatPropertiesForDatabaseInput(); $s = &$UserManager->DelegateParameters['SqlBuilder']; $s->AddFieldNameValue('user_nicename', $SafeUser->Name); $s->AddFieldNameValue('user_url', 'http://'); $s->AddFieldNameValue('user_activation_key', ''); $s->AddFieldNameValue('user_status', '0'); $s->AddFieldNameValue('display_name', $SafeUser->Name); } $Context->AddToDelegate('UserManager', 'PreDataInsert', 'UserManager_AddWordpressFieldsToCreateUser');
  • Now we just need to see if this works with Wordpress SVN nightilies and Wordpress Mu SVN nightlies. I've got a Mu portal in developement and a common WP/Vanilla login would be amazing.
  • JEFFBAX... I've posted the Textpattern and Vanilla integration notes at

    I'll also create another thread here with this link.
  • Mark or others -

    Will Wordpress upgrades affect the database munging so that re-integration installation will be required?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @russ - I don't know. It all depends on what changes were made to the wordpress application. If they change the way sessions are handled, that would be a big problem. If they change the way the user table is structured, that would also be a big problem.

    I'd say it's pretty unlikely that those two things would happen - but you never know.
  • no offense but this one seams quite neat ps. the question remains why one would need WP, when one has Lussumo installed
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    //edit - uh... yah. Need to read more closely. I followed the directions, it worked fine. Now, I just need to fully intergrate it but going to the PROPER discussion.
  • Everything works just fine with Wordpress 2.0.5. I've set up a new website for testing purposes and integrated WP with Vanilla. Now, when everything works, I'd like to transfer all the data (users, discussions etc.) to this new site. Is it still possible after making all these changes to the mysql database?
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