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[help] Signatures Extension no longer works in 1.0.1

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
The discussion title basically says it all, but I upgraded to 1.0.1 a couple days ago, and immediately noticed that the Signatures extension no longer appends the text you input to the post. =o(


  • Hmm, looks like I need to upgrade...
  • Are you sure you applied the modification correctly? What about your forum preferences, have you enabled signatures? I did find one small typo in the source, so if nothing works you could try redownloading it.
  • there needs to be a Vanilla word dictionary so people use the correct phrases <smiley face where its suppose to be had they enabled the GD smilies> applied the modification correctly should be enabled the extension yes ? I notice a lot on the Vanilla forum people use terms that other forum software use but in Vanilla is refered to something else example, we do not have topics, we have discussions we do not have posts, we have comments
  • that post make sense to anyone else?
  • adding extension and enabling it isn't the same as saying -> applied the modifiication correctly it doesn't need applying does it ? only enable the extension, ;-) I was just pointing out the language being used, we don't have mods here do we ?
  • NickENickE New
    edited August 2006
  •  Quote: bugsmi0  ...example, we do not have topics, we have discussions
    we do not have posts, we have comments
    Yet on the search page we have topics not discussions?

    (Eagle eyes strikes again!)
  • Discussions have topics.

    He meant, we have discussions, not threads.
  • edited August 2006
    oh googlysneuggly, blasphemy,
    the whole thing just confuses the hell out of lol

    comments belong on a blog posts belong on a forum ;-))
  • Yeah I'm also having this problem... I've enabled the extension, added my signature and made sure that I have it in my preferences as allowing me to see signatures but it won't append the sig.
  • This is probably silly to ask, but since you never mentioned anything about modifying any files, did you modify themes/comments.php according to the instructions?
  • I'm an idiot :p Thanks.
  • SirNot: Not sure if this could work, but did you happen to try to modify the query with something like: SELECT CONCAT(Body, '<hr>', LUM_User.Signature) AS Body...?It would remove the modify files requirement. My initial impressions with sqlbuilder don't make this look too promising...
  • NickENickE New
    edited August 2006
    I hadn't thought of that before... However, it might end up being problematic, as then vanilla would parse the signature and its container with the body. If the format type was set to anything besides html, the signature would not render properly.
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    where can users set their signatures?
  • In their personal information page.
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