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Use JsConnect to Assign User role


is there a way I could link a button coming from Wordpress to Vanilla get the user and assign a custom existing role?

Basically I want only my premium customers to have access to the premium forums I have so I was thinking of adding a custom button that only my premium users see in wordpress, I can do that, this will act as a link to the forum, when the user clicks that, we get the user email pass that to vanilla using the jsConnect maybe then add the custom role.

hopefully this makes sense
if there's a better way to do this, please tell me

thank you


  • donovanbdonovanb New
    edited October 2017

    Basically I want only my premium customers to have access to the premium forums

    Hi, are you using the wordpress Vanilla plugin? From what I understand, vanilla will propagate roles automatically if you have an equally named role in Vanilla.

    Edit: The longer story to this is that you can define, let's say, an 'Editor' Role in Vanilla, then make it a 'Default Type' of moderator.

    The above will automatically make any Wordpress 'Editor's moderators of the Vanilla forum.


  • I'll try that, I didn't know you had to have the role in both for that to work


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