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So i just checked out basecamp

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And it looks pretty impressive..i'll have to have a proper poke around when i get time (read: when i stop being too lazy)

I can see what you mean about similarities in design now. I dont think thats a bad thing ataill though. Perhaps you should pitch vanilla to them and get them to resell it and grow you into the millionaire you deserve to be.


  • can you login with a demo account or something? i've been meaning to look at it.
  • ok someone will probably killy me for this but what is so hot about basecamp? i signed up for the free account (maybe that's the problem) but it doesn't really wow me in any way ?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    hookers come with the pay version.
  • /me pays the fuck up. fast
  • been using it for about 6 months at the ol' Company. It really is a very nice piece of kit for dealing with truly collaborative projects. For hands-off clients or ones who insist on phoning, it's not so useful, but it's never a detriment. Of course if you're used to an extensive locally-based project management system, it might seem a bit frail by comparison. but then again it can do a lot of things that those systems can't do, simply by being online.
  • Indeed unipus, [jonezy] - i'm not saying its the god of all computer apps but for a reasonably cheap (compared to most software out there) project management system which can be used anywhere its pretty nice...i havent had a dig around yet but i've a feeling i'll be pitching it to my parents at work cause its pretty much exactly what they need in many ways.
  • yes i have to agree that the price is very reasonable... i guess being a developer and having been using for a while i'm kind of used to that method.
  • Hmm. Is there any way to make the company name in the nav header a logo as opposed to just text?
  • in basecamp.... no... don't think so, not really much you can do apart from tweak colours, the logos only appear on certain overview pages, like the main messages page, i think.
  • oh. That sucks. Still cool though - i just signed up to the cheapest package to check out multi-project stuff and i'll probably be convincing the guys at work to use it soon.

    Mark - make something similar but where you can put a logo in the nav :P
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    Doh. Anyhow yeah, I finally convinced my work to sign up for the 3 package plan as well, use it to manage web project where there's more than 1 person involved, seems to be going ok so far Oh yeah, have you seen this firefox extension for Basecamp?
  • where?
  • hold on. Either i'm drunker than i think or i keep imagining things or something.

    I'm going crazy here. I swear i just read ".Logo maybe?"
  • sorry man, i just totally misread your thread, and yeah, posted up .Logo which is part of Vanilla's css, and not Basecamp's. (i did actually try messing with Basecamp once by putting sneaky extra img or a tags into the client or project names, but it just leads to disaster in the end) so then i took out that comment and put something more sensible instead, about Basecode.
    I just posted a reply to this thread complaining about how i was sure i was going crazy anyway because i kept posting replies to stuff which either didnt exist, or i never actually posted the reply even though i wrote it. And then it turns out i didnt post that reply.

    PLEASE tell me this is a bug. Someone's out to get me.
  • now i'm confused as well :-?
  • I also dislike how little control you have over what people can and cant see - i.e. i add someone from a company so they can monitor certain things about a project but i can only let them see it all or none of it. Which kinda sucks.

    Also you should be able to let people create their own projects without having to give them full admin privelidges.

    Mark. Make me a basecamp.
  • i'm sure it would be sweet as f*&Y^ 37 signals are very slow to implement user requests... check out the basecamp forums and you'll see what i mean... they are quite dogged about some things. another web developer who i work with is working on a similar application geared towards managing webdesign projects, which will be fully ajaxed up... i'll post up links to this in due course, although it's not even approaching beta yet...
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