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Make this Discussion Private

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I just installed the ForceWhipser extension form Mini (through Mark) and want to start using it for all my conversations with my clients through my project management install of Vanilla. However, i have about 2 months of conversations that did not use this extension, so I have to go back and revert these conversations over to the new method.

My issue right now is, I can edit all comments in a 2-person discussion so that each comment is whispering to the other, EXCEPT for the first comment. I'd like to make all conversations private. However, without being able to edit that first comment so that it is a whisper, I can't do this.

Would it be concievable for one of you code-writing fellows to put something together that would add an option in the option sidebar of a discussion, like "Make this Discussion Sticky," but have it "Make this Discussion Private."

Then it could either auto-detect which user is already being whispered to in the discussion, OR - it would open up a drop down list of which user you want to whisper that comment to.


  • *bump*ing because its 6am and i have nothing else to do right now.
  • my project management install of Vanilla

    not to derail your thread, but where can i get such a thing?
  • Its a custom mod. Can't even really say Mod. I'm using the tools that are available. Just tweaked it enough that it suited my needs and calling it a "PM."
  • oh i gotcha. thanks dude.
  • Ok, so obviously this is a big request. In the meantime, I have about 100 posts that I have to go throuhg and make private. Can I just go through phpmyadmin and change the first post in a discussion to a whisper? Or would I have to change all posts in said discussion? Or, what is the best way for me to go about what I need to do?
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    I think that editing the database directly will be the best solution for the time being, however - I just hope that I don't break anything. Anyone ever try doing this before?
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  • All right. Well, since no one is biting on this one, I decided to run some tests of my own. It appears that if you want to make a discussion private between 2 people after it has already been open to the public, all you have to do is go into the database. Edit the discussion you want to make private, and then in the row "WhisperUserID," insert the user ID number that the author would be whispering to. Then, just save it.

    That will turn the whole discussion into a private discussion between those two people.

    Please back up your database. I haven't completely tested it on everything. But, for what I needed, that is what seems to be working.
  • What's happen if more than 1 user replied in the discussion?
  • Well, then obviously, logically, it wouldn't work the same. I don't think I'll run into that issue much. Maybe once or twice. I'll let you know when I run into it and how I got around it.
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    Ok. Its been almost a month since I last posted an update on this. Basically, what I have been doing is going into my LUM_discussions in my DB and changing the "Whisper_To" row from 0 (which is not a whisper) to the user_id of each client. I gave my staff permission to see whispers. So, if I start a message to a client, that client will see it and can respond to it, and our office manager can log on and add anything she wants to the convo, and it automatically whispers back to the client.

    This has allowed me to be able to go from 70 client-specific categories, 70 client-specific roles, and 70 client-specific unwhispered discussions to 2 categories (depending on whether or not they are a new client or an existing client), 2 roles (mirroring the 2 categories), and 70 whispered discussions. The client can only see the category they have been assigned, and since all discussions are whispered, they only see the discussion whispered to them.

    @Dinoboff -> if you have 4-5 users replying to a discussion, then no - its not possible from what I can assume without having anything to test with - however, if you give those responding the permission to view whispered discussions/conversations, then they can still be apart of the conversation. Its just that the discussion itself would be theoretically between the user that started the convo, and the user that is identified by whisper_to field in your DB. However, if you did change the DB's whisper_to field to let's say user "2", and user 4, 5, 7, and 1 (you), are already participating in the convo, then I can only assume that the conversation can resume without any problems, and those 4 users, including you, should theoretically be whispering to user 2.
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