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Hi, thanks for having me... what are your ban policies? Could ah... someone(s) in particular please say YO because I am completely lost.. What exactly is this forum about :) AND YOU WITH THE CAT PICTURES... they're adorable hey, it says random.


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    This is a forum mainly about the Vanilla forum software although there are kittens as well...
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    Ban policies? We dont really have any but I rather hope you're not trying to find out in order to push their limits :P The 'rules' are pretty much: respect other community users and dont piss anyone off too much. As far as i'm aware only 1 actual person has been banned from here and they were really rather abusive (though sometimes surprisingly helpful/intelligent which is a shame really)
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    There was a spambot banned a few weeks ago. Who were you thinking about?
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    Oh, wow. I was Randomly browsing the Random forum, and I was never expecting my old... acquaintance... Elliott Hird to come up. :P I know him from another forum. He hasn't gotten banned there, but he's come very close a few times. "Rather abusive (though sometimes surprisingly helpful/intelligent)" describes him to a T. He's actually an 11-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome. Sort of an evil genius. For a while, he was an admin on my wiki, and now he's banned. (He vandalized it by adding * { display: none } to the global stylesheet; I forgave him for that, because of his condition, being that he was otherwise a generally helpful and respected contributor. But a while later, he replaced a whole lot of links with Last Measure, and since then, I haven't been willing to let him back on.) Yeah. He's an interesting guy. He's really cool if you get on his good side and stay there, but that's not easy.
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