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Turn Vanilla into a website/forum combo

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I was wondering if maybe someone could take the sidepanel add-on a little further and create an add-on that makes it possible for people to turn their vanilla forum into a fully function website. Here's some examples of what I mean: -Make an easy way to create new custom pages with vanilla that keep the sidebar and a tabs but allow you to customize the body of it where the discussions would normally be. (IE: make a page that has an anime review on it and has the sidepanel and tabs and has an "add comment" button where you can post comments for each anime reveiw, etc.) -Be able to create sidebars on the sidepanel to mimic real websites sidebars -Create a portal page that acts as the website homepage This probably sounds like a lot to ask for but I am trying to find a way to scrap my old website and forum and turn my Vanilla forum into a website/forum combo so there isn't any trouble integrating features between the two. I know this is possible on other types of forums but i'd like to see it in Vanilla because I like the layout and general scheme of it and if I am unable to do this with Vanilla I will probably go back to one of the other types of forums that has the ability to do this.


  • You checked out the pagemanager extension? I'm pretty sure that just about has #1 and #3 covered...
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    ah geez sorry i forgot i downloaded that add-on, i downloaded about 30 add-ons today so i forgot some of them i feel dumb lol. Is there anyone that has a template I could check out to kind of see how it works? I'm new to php so right now I just have to look at current pages and then edit them to my liking. ps: is the pagemaker add-on how they added more tabs to this forum? Like the troubleshooting and FAQs tab.
  • I don't know. Probably not, as it appears mark only uses extensions that he develops, and he did most of the core ones. Could be wrong, though. Colin
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    Yeah, the page manager will allow you to add more tabs like the troubleshooting on this forum. Mark doesn't only use extensions he develops. As for the sidepanel, I believe there is a sidepanel extension that allows you to add and manage all of the links and tools in your sidepanel. You should also be able to make the portal page you're talking about using the page manager. Just set it as the default page instead of discussions.
  • alright cool thanks, sounds like I have a lot of work to do if i want this to turn into a site, I better get crackin lol. If I get this to work I might make an add-on that is prepackaged to make it way easier to get started on turning your forum into a website. ^.^
  • Sorry bout the inaccuracy.
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