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BBCode+Syntax Highlight+MathML

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello, I registered just now because I want to code this extension. I'm trying to figure out how Vanilla works but details keep eluding me, so I figured I should better ask.

What I need in my forum is BBCode, highlighting for the BBCode [code] tag, LaTeX for a custom [tex] tag, all in the same post, as the default format (maybe have an option for unformatted text?) and with the InsertBar, modified to have the [tex] tag.
So my first thought was to have my extension call Bergamot's Better BBCode and to call it from within my formatter.
But then I ran across a thread by itchy regarding GeshiColor and there was mention of a formatter chain.
I didn't find a mention of this in the 'getting started' docs so...
How should I go around what I'm trying to do? (besides asking for permission to use all the above extension code :P )
My guess right now is:
Remove the [code] tag parsing from Better BBCode, have (somehow) Geshi highlight what's left inside [code] tags after BBCode has done its formatting, then in the remainder look for [tex] tags and do the proper formatting for that.
Is that right? How does one use this formatter chain?
How does one replace the default formatter? Can I make it so that this all-inclusive format is the default and Text is an alternative?
Thanks for the help.

Oh.. Vanilla rocks. I was considering a scheme for a standards-compliant, flexible, modular, extensible, minimalistic forum..... then I found someone had just completed it =D
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