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Turning On Whisper Notification for All Members

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Hi, I have the whisper notification extension installed and I wondered if someone could tell me the SQL query to turn on whisper notification on all members? thanks


  • Can I do this with something like this in the conf/settings.php?

    $Configuration['DEFAULT_WHISPER_NOTIFY_VISIBLE'] = '1';
    I'm aware that this probably isn't right phrase, but is this possible?

  • I think the difficulty you'll have is that (i assume) the on/off setting is saved in the user preferences serialised array in the database, so I dont think (someone will correct me i'm sure) it's possible to run a single sql query to add the setting to everyones array as it would wipe out the rest of their preferences. You could just completely remove the preference checking from the extension but that does mean that users wouldnt be able to turn it off...?
  • I would love it if I as an admin could make it default to "on", but the users to have the option to turn it "off".
  • I think it really helps users who are new to the whispers idea. I know that some of my less experienced members will never know whats going on weather they have a whisper or not, but will also not think to turn on the notification.

    I've been looking at the users database and it seems that its not just a simple case of turing a 0 into a 1. :(
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    I think you just need to put $Configuration['PREFERENCE_DisplayPrivateDiscussions'] = 1; into conf/settings.php
  • sorry, it is $Configuration['PREFERENCE_ShowPrivateDiscussions'] = 1;
  • Is that for the whisper notification extension too though, dinoboff? The extension uses "$Context->Session->User->Preference('NotifyOnNewWhisper')" so wouldnt it be $Configuration['PREFERENCE_NotifyOnNewWhisper'] = 1;
  • It will set it by default, so everybody who has not enable it and then disable it, will have it on.
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    Sure Minisweeper, my bad.
  • No probs, i didnt even know that's how preferences worked. I knew it must be pretty simple! *goes off to make some extensions with user preferences in just for fun.
  • Nice one, you two have come to my rescue once again.

    Thank you so much.

    $Configuration['PREFERENCE_NotifyOnNewWhisper'] = 1;
    Worked a treat.
  • How would I do the same to show users real name as default?
    I've removed the check box from the Personal Information page but I'd like it if new members real name was visible by default.

  • I believe showing their real name is already a default.

    I did have a question on showing their email as default though. The database is now set to "1" as the default, but for some reason this gets overwritten by a "0" during the application process. Any idea why?
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    i added the line to settings.php and it affected the Discussion Filters plugin.
    i was no longer able to see the two links for listing whispered comments/discussions so i had to remove the line again.
  • my bad. i didn't notice the second line of code, i'd used the first one. the second one works great.
  • Could that single line and instructions for it be added to the extension readme? I think it would benefit a lot of people to know that little "on for everyone until they turn it off" trick.
  • It seems that most people prefer that the default be "enabled", so perhaps I should just do that and tell people how to change the default to "disabled".
  • That would be cool thanks Magical ;) Anyone disagree?
  • TexTex
    edited January 2007
    @ Magical: Yes, please. And a notification of whispered discussion would be great. The extension seems to have problems with the Delete extension. You can still delete but an error is shown and the 'last comment' statistic is still displaying the deleted comment. Edit: The whisper data in the database under the relevant discussion does not getting updated. Sorry for my bad English.
  • LoOkOuTLoOkOuT
    edited January 2007
    Anyone know if something like this can be applied to the Poll extension, so that showing the Poll in the sidebar is off by defult?
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