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A plea to have Mark enable the quote extension on Lussumo

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee lol don't make me grovel ;-)


  • An additional plea for Lussumo to activate the "Participated Discussions" filter extension...
  • +1 for participated discussions @ lussumo!
  • needs to grovel more to get Mark to add quotation extension, I see he added the participated discussions extensions,that's no fair my plea was first lol lets see what else we can get him to add ;-)
  • Please add the quotation extension! I'm tired of writing 'username wrote: "Bleh, bleh, bleh".' To make it look like I'm really quoting.
  • username:
    edited September 2006
    heh thought it did a similar thing to the / me thing.
  • i see... but we can't add the "Mark All Read" extension? i call shenanigans. : )
  • edited September 2006
    @SirNot says: --> start quote here (You don't have to, just write @username:) <-- end quote here

    nah we need the quote extension looks nicer ;-)
  • Mark all read would make his database grow pretty quickly if everyone used it.
  • The following is a blockquote.
    Testing html.blockquote
    Just use this:
    Or this (if CSS is allowed):
    <blockquote style="background:#EEE;color:#666;padding:6px"></blockquote>
  • I still dont really see what's wrong with: "heh thought it did a similar thing to the / me thing." ...this is an answer to the quote i just made. They are 'quotation marks' afterall... It really doesnt matter a great deal who said whatever it was in the first place and if you're that bothered then read the damn discussion properly.
  • If you want your quote to look nicer you could always use:

    <fieldset><legend>&nbsp;Quote: <b>bugsmi0</b> &nbsp;</legend>...Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee lol don't make me grovel ;-)...</fieldset>
    Which looks like:

     Quote: bugsmi0  ...Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee lol don't make me grovel ;-)...

  • Yeah, but that's less semantic ;).
  • why not enable it? its just crazy.
  • I am actually rather surprised that a basic quoting function is not enabled by default since being able to respond point by point is critical to written dialogue. It is especially surprising when whispering is enabled by default.
  • One of the only problems with a quote button on posts is that users start to include these huge quotes with nested quotes to merely say as little as one sentance. Rather than simply putting @user, then replying to their points, users often simply quote the entire posts, sub-quotes and all. If a quoting extension was installed on lussumo, I'd much rather it remove all nested quotes (or perhaps nested quotes beyond a certain level) to prevent such redundancy.
  • Could not a limit be placed on the characters allowed by using the quote button?
  • surely clarity in a discussion far out weighs an aesthetic issue of nested quotes.
  • NickENickE New
    edited September 2006
    Well, in a way it is sort of a clarity issue. I mean, why completely restate a user's exact words (and, in the case of nested quotes, other snippets irrelevant to your reply) when all you're doing is replying to the gist of that piece? And why does it have to be so graphical? Why not simply copy a short phrase from the comment which best represents that opinion/point, and put it in italics? A little extra time spent clarifing to what, exactly, you're replying to will not go to waste (and, especially when there are multiple points, a 'quote' button would probably end up taking more time, as you'd have to go about tweaking the tags to get multiple quotations). In addition, it can get extremely redundant from a storage perspective: even if only half of the users in a discussion quoted only, on average, half of another comment per post, you've got yourself a 25% increase in repeated text per discussion. I'm not putting down the quotations extension or anything, it's just that one of the things I've liked about Vanilla is that there aren't big quote blocks all over the place.
  • Quoting other users is the best way to incites flame wars. No discussion is complete without them.

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