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If you could change Photoshop

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What would you change/add/remove?

I'd like the ability to edit a documents width and height (i.e. easily add/remove pixels). Already a feature. I'd like if you had multiple layers selected and you created a new folder it would automatically put all those layers in the folder. And finally I wish the gradients made via blending options were as smooth as ones made with the gradient tool. That's all.


  • Isn't your first 'request' under Image->Resize->Canvas Size... ?
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    I don't know, it must be. Thanks! I'm not too good at Photoshop. That'll save me from making new documents and dragging all the layers over.
  • release it under GPL :>
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    Oh god, i have a huge, huge list. Then again, I use Photoshop more than almost any other app.

    I'll type it all up later.
  • I'd like if you had multiple layers selected and you created a new folder it would automatically put all those layers in the folder.

    you can do this in CS2. Just multiple select layers using the ctrl key, then press ctrl-g
  • there is a lot of hidden functionality built into photoshop, especially within CS2. Functionality which you will only find through using it often or reading through documentation. honestly there are few things that I can think of that should need to be addressed.

    for someone who knows photoshop well, the product is one of the best pieces of software available, given whats it's made to do.
  • photoshop is the prog that i use most awesome....purely awesome software when combined with all the plugins
  • I'd like to see functionality working across bit depth and formats ("modes"), not just in RGB32 as it does now. I'm working with CS tho, not CS2. And as for all Adobe apps, I wish it wasn't such a resource hog. Having it share the CPU would be nice. Like every other program. what else? a more comprehensive menu arrangement, common control for all filters (they seem to be made case by case now) and mathematical blenders for layers (add, substract, etc). Oh and a smart window arranger option, cause cascade is no good. Oh and a gamut mask generator, so you can really do something with your out-of-gamut colors besides applying a global filter. Oh and fix the goddamn PNG output. They have two separate routines to save PNGs and one of them is busted. Oh and since there are matting options, have a goddamn chroma keyer! I know I have more complaints. To be the world-leading graphics app, sometimes its performance is quite dissapointing. Nothing else comes near in its field tho.
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