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Some things from "Castellano" language

edited February 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I installed castellano language, and this works fine. But I found a little bit errors of translate. Where I see it?


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    Open the language file (languages/castellano.php) in a text editor and look for the errors.
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    And perhaps also get in touch with 2MDC and provide the corrections so the language add-on can be updated.
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    @sglez, please, may you share your corrections? I had a quick look on it and I found nothing remarkable enough. Perhaps I should go for a more careful check of the whole file.
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    I have detected that all the eMailed forms where not working properly in my installation. The fields inside {curly-brackets} were not substituted by their respective values.

    After some tries I think it was related to the encoding of the files (my instalation is using latin1 encoding).
    I have saved the files in UTF-8 and now they are working.

    Anyway, there are new fields inserted in the spanish translation (like {discovery_information}, which were not in the original english versions). They are not substituted by anything.

    I will try to contact the translator to comment him these last details.
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    edited September 2006
    I am not sure, but {discovery_information} might be there for one of Mark's extension
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    I found an unescaped Ampersand. "Permisos & Roles" should have the ampersand entity: & found this when messing with the mime-type :D doesn't work with strict xml
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    Ok, I stay in touch with 2MDC. PS: In spanish doesn't exist "&" only use "y"
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    hi there everyone, I did my best to get the translation as good as i could (only had 1 morning time to complete) so it's fairly probable all these glitches are my fault. Please use this thread to list them all and I'll try to correct and upload as soon as possible. Cheers, Alberto
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    @2MDC: Alberto, don't apologize. You did a fine job, and it was of a great help. It was already time for others to also help you ;-)

    There is something that worries me. The way we use "registro, registrarse" as "sign-in". My users are generally confused, because "registrarse" in Spanish is more appropriate for "apply for membership". And this is what they think on when they see "regístrate". I'm not having a really good proposal except perhaps to translate it by "Entrar en el foro" (or anything similar).

    Just an example (by the way, it contains a minor mistake in the word "rol"):

    $Context->Dictionary['AssignToRoleNotes'] = 'El cambio de rol será efectivo inmediatamente. Si el usuario es cambiado a un ro que no tiene acceso al registro de usuario, será desregistrado en la próxima página.';

    This is really difficult to understand. What about:

    $Context->Dictionary['AssignToRoleNotes'] = 'El cambio de rol será efectivo inmediatamente. Si se cambia al usuario a un rol que no tiene permiso para entrar al foro se le expulsará al cargar la próxima página.';

    What do you think?
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    I could never find a good translation for sign-in/login. I've been using "ingresar" which means to enter, but its not quite the same. People at college say "logearse" these days, goes to show how untranslatable that word is. btw 2MDC, great work ^^
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    One question. How do I save the files in UTF8? I have multiple things that do not work all mail related. Notifi, etc. Another question. Does anyone have a translation for the discussions filter add-on? Or how would I translate this? I can do it if someone tells me how without breaking the whole forum.... Then I'll post it here.... ;-)
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    If someone needs more translation to spanish or german please send me an email to info[at] and I'll try to help.
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    login maybe can be translated as "acceder" ?

    @ martinrab:

    to translate an extension, you should copy the language definitions in the extension's default.php to conf/your_language.php file and then rewrite there the definitions in your desired language of use
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