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Photo Album with Page Management Add-On?

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Does anyone know a good solution to this:

I used to run a phpBB forum and was using a photo album Add-On by smartor.
This gave me and the members of the forum somewhere to add our photos, you had to be a registered member to be able to upload.

I'm slowly switching over to Vanilla and was wondering if there is there any photo album software that would fit nicely into an extra page made with the Page Management Add-On?

Does anyone have the same need?

I imagine its a pretty big job to build a photo album add-on for Vanilla, well, I for one wouldn't know where to start!

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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    Look through the forum for references to filebrowser. That might work for you.
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    I'm a bit confused about filebrowser.

    Can users upload files to it? Or would it only be me?
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    no, It is for personal use. And it is not built on the framework and doesn't use people.

    You need to create an extension, maybe on addon to the attachment extension. Maybe Jazzman could tell what need to be done.
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    "maybe on addon to the attachment extension"
    hmmmm, that would be pretty sweet.
    Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    ~steviehype goes looking for Jazzman...
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    This might be of interest:
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    Can other users upload to Zenphoto? I think its just a gallery, right?

    I was trying to look find a features section to the site but I had no luck.

    Thanks for the link though SirNot.
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    Theoretically... you COULD do this with Filebrowser and the Attachments extension.

    What you could do is install the attachments extension, modify it so that it only accepts jpgs or whatever you are going to use for your photos, and then install Filebrowser into the vanilla/uploads directory. Then, create a page in your page management extension that points to that directory. SHOULD work like that. All though, it won't be exactly what you want, its an easy fix for now.
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    not a bad idea there garvin. I'll give that one a think.
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    thats a very clever solution garvin.
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    I recently tried dumping the FileBrowser code into my Attachments-2.0-created "uploads" folder.

    But Attachments currently makes a directory structure: 2006/09/etc... and therefore you end up navigating a few levels before you get to what you want. Then you have thumbnails created for oversized pics... kinda a mess.

    An add-on that would make a sort of "Account" page for just all the pics a user has uploaded would be sweet. Maybe even to upload pics directly there, then see what the link is so you can post a discussion or comment with more than one pic in it.

    It could be a page added via Page Management, or stuck somehow on the user's Account page (pop-up window interface? dunno...).

    Jazzman, you must be thinking of this. :)
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    you can make it so that the new attachment addon dumps into one category, cant you? just change the path in the settings.
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    Heh — lazy me! Yes, and you can even set the directory path to user %userid%.
    That's halfway there for per-user image management. :)
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