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Invalid String Value for User Activity

I've upgraded our forum at to Vanilla 2.5 - everything work normally, new discussion posting also work perfectly

Except when I tried to write activity for my account or send comment for other user activity it was failed. Error message :

Incorrect string value: '\xB4\xF2\x9B

I've tried to change database collation from utf8_unicode_ci to utf8mb4_unicode_ci but nothing change

Please help

Reza Ervani
Rumah Ilmu Indonesia


  • I found this problem occured from Table GDN_Log

    Any solution ?

    Reza Ervani
    Rumah Ilmu Indonesia

  • After try to change Collation for Column InsertIPAddress in Table GDN_Log, error message still appeared, but now it looked like the problem come from Table GDN_Activity Column InsertIPAddress

    I've tried to change Table Collation but nothing change

    Any suggestion ?

    Reza Ervani
    Rumah Ilmu Indonesia

  • edited 10:58AM


    After learn SQL command at /utility/structure I found problem is Column InsertIPAddress at GDN_Activity table still use varchar(15), after change it manually from phpmyadmin into varbinary(16), voila ... error message was gone

    I don't know why database structure not change after do scan and execute it from vanilla dashboard (/utility/structure), so I still think to try to check and change all column manually.

    Any better solution ?

    Reza Ervani
    Rumah Ilmu Indonesia

  • After execute one by one SQL Query from /utility/structure with phpmyadmin, there are still 3 SQL Query can not be executed :

    alter table GDN_AccessToken
    add DateExpires timestamp not null after InsertIPAddress,
    add Attributes text null after DateExpires,
    character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci,
    convert to character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

    update GDN_User User
    set Permissions = ''
    where Permissions <> '';

    insert GDN_UserMeta
    (UserID, Name, Value)
    values ('0', 'stubcontent.record.locale', 'en');

    1. SQL Error for alter table GDN_AccessToken looked like :

    1067 - Invalid default value for 'DateExpires'

    1. There is no error for update GDN_User User but it keep appeared after rescan at /utility/structure

    2. Error for insert GDN_UserMeta is :

    1062 - Duplicate entry '0-stubcontent.record.locale' for key 'PRIMARY'

    Any helps ?

    Thank you

    Reza Ervani
    Rumah Ilmu Indonesia

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