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Enable 'Category Notifications' by default?

Hi guys,

I want to setup my forums to default to notify all my users when a new Discussion is added to specific categories. Is that possible via something like:

$Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['MyCategoryName'] = '1';

I see requests from this previously, but no answers...

I don't my SQL hacking for my current users, but would really like to enable this automatically for new users...


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I cannot imagine that it is doable by setting a config parameter. But a very small and easy plugin will do.

    Something like that should be enough:

    class YourPluginsNamePlugin extends Gdn_Plugin {
        public function userModel_afterInsertUser_handler($sender, $args) {
                'Preferences.Email.NewDiscussion.X', // replace the X with the category ID

    Please look at an example if you are not sure how a plugin for Vanilla must be named/structured

  • R_J - thanks! That looks really promising...

    But after fiddling a bit, I see this in the UserMeta table:

    Plugin.SetupNotifications.Preferences.Email.NewDiscussion.1 = 1

    So, its prepending "Plugin.SetupNotifications" to the setting I'm trying to do. Makes sense, the code comments say:

         * ++ Before any queries are run, $key is converted to its fully qualified format (Plugin.<PluginName> prepended)
         * ++ to prevent collisions in the meta table when multiple plugins have similar key names.

    Which makes sense, but is also a bummer when I really do want to change pre-existing keys.

    But, all this shows what SQL scripts I need to write, so unless there's an obvious fix, I'll just go that route.

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    Your plugin is extending the plugin class. If you look at /library/core/class.plugin.php you will find the method setUserMeta with this code:

        protected function setUserMeta($userID, $key, $value = null) {
            $metaKey = $this->makeMetaKey($key);
            $this->userMetaModel()->setUserMeta($userID, $metaKey, $value);

    What you can see is that the function creates a "metaKey" and that is something that you do not want to (I haven't thought of that, sorry)

    But what you can also see is that after transforming the key somehow $this->userMetaModel()->setUserMeta() is called. There is nothing that prevents you from using it directly that way. In my code from the previous post, simply replace $this->setUserMeta( by $this->userMetaModel()->setUserMeta( and that should be all what is needed.

  • BINGO!

    Much appreciated!

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