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Vanilla 2.6.1 is here with critical security patches. One of them has been publicly disclosed.

Is my forum updated to 2.5? [RESOLVED]

LeftBrainLeftBrain ✭✭
edited January 15 in Vanilla 2.5 Help

I downloaded the file and went through all the steps to upgrade my forum from 2.3 to 2.5

But I don't see any differences. And when I check the dashboard, it looks the same and the version number at the bottom right says 2.3

Anyone know what might have gone wrong?


  • Just wanted to update this because I figured out the problem. This might help someone in the future.

    My forum was not updated to the latest software. The reason was because my server changed and I uploaded the new software to my old server. By updating the software on my current server, I was able to update my forum software.

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