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vanilla 2.5 theme update issue

I have a theme that worked in 2.3.1 but installed 2.5 and its broken I have searched but i cannot figure any resolution. I see that the new version uses a addon file so i copied the addon and tried to figure out how to edit it with no success.

the theme hook php file

class SanmyakuThemeHooks implements Gdn_IPlugin { /** * Setup function is needed for this class, so don't delete it! * * @return bool Dummy return value. */ public function setup() { // Set some config settings for a table layout & mobile theme saveToConfig(array( 'Vanilla.Discussions.Layout' => 'modern', 'Vanilla.Categories.Layout' => 'modern', 'Garden.MobileTheme' => 'sanmyaku' ), null, true); return true; } /** * This function hooks the Smarty init to add our directory * containing our custom Smarty functions * * @param object $sender Smarty object. * @return void */ public function gdn_smarty_init_handler($sender) { // add directory "/themes/MyTheme/SmartyPlugins/" $sender->plugins_dir[] = dirname(__FILE__).DS.'SmartyPlugins'; } // whatever...

the about php file

`$ThemeInfo['sanmyaku'] = [
'Name' => 'Sanmyaku',
'Description' => "A theme featuring mountains using Zurb Foundation 5",
'Version' => '1.0.3',
'Author' => 'Ryan Jordan, Sam Hilson',
'AuthorEmail' => '',
'AuthorUrl' => '',
'License' => 'MIT',
'RequiredApplications' => ['Vanilla' => '2.2.x'],

'Options' => [
'Styles' => [
'Light' => '%s',
'Dark' => '%s_dark',

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