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Pure Bliss

KrakKrak New
edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

Yes, I just got dual LCDs today. Man is it sweet. Why did I not get dual monitors earlier? I went from a 19" Sony Trinitron to two 17" Samsungs. Don't mind the loss at all, this is so much better, and with out the few inches of plastic around the edges they actually even look bigger. And I claimed back my desk space in the process. Samsung 731B's if you wanted to know.

Now I just have to find some good wallpapers (for dual screens). Know of any?


  • Left handed eh? You know if it were mediaeval times you'd be burned at the stake for being satan's seed! :-)
  • Your bevel seems rather thick though. Unfortunately Windows XP natively doesn't support different wallpaper on differnet screen. One solution is to use image software to join them up to one big pic.
  • wow that's nice side by side like that and what is the purpose for dual monitors ? how do you make use of them
  • Congratulations .. but as bugsmi0 says ... wouldn't it be better if you have one 34" monitor?
  • double the porno ;-) that has to be it
  • Does that cola can say 'Dr. Munder' ?
  • Either of you guys ever tried buying a 34" monitor? I think you'll quickly learn that 2 17"s are much cheaper (though 2x17" isnt actually 34" anyway)
    Theyre useful if you need to see 2 full apps at a time, tend to work with lots of stuff open, or just generally want more space. I used to run them before i became addicted to my laptop.
  • I'm confused too as to the need for two monitors. I have loads of windows (typically 50 to 60 firefox windows at any one time, eudora, photoshop, etc) open on my single monitor here and never have any worries. PLUS, if I had 2 monitors, Fluffy would be pissed (would mean less space on the desk for her to stretch out on and nap)
  • 50 to 60 windows open? Of firefox? Does your machine have something close to 8 gig of ram? And has noone introduced you to the wonder of tabs?! I have anything up to about 40 sites open at once depending what i'm doing but only usually 4 or 5 firefox windows. How the fuck do you fit 60 buttons on your taskbar?
  • sorry, substitute *tabs* for *windows* in my previous comment. Funny enough, I was thinking of upgrading my pc, mini :) This computer was new in 2000. At the time, I got 512 of RAM (which was a lot of ram back then...and costly too) As for where I get the room for all the tabs - well they just go across the screen...and typically there are 2 or 3 rows of them. I use a few extensions for firefox - one or two are tab related. When i close my firefox down for the night, i can come back the next day and reload that session, of say 50 tabs.
  • krak, i am not sure about wallpapers for dual monitors, but I stumbled upon (firefox extension) a nice site last night for wallpapers.
  • I found a few sites, seems most dual monitor wallpapers are nature related. Must be because it looks so freaking sweet. I also found this app called Ultramon, adds an extra taskbar to the 2nd monitor, and has the ability to make each one have its own wallpaper, share one, or split it up. Pretty freaking cool.

    As for the reason of dual displays - there are many. I usually have an absurd amount of apps/windows open. I code all day long, and I multi-task like a fscking madman. Dual displays are just so sweet. I can access things much quicker. I will never go back to a single monitor. I went from the 19" to two 17"s, and lemme say the 19" was a beast (in a good way). But this is just so much better. Desk space? I actually have more with the dual LCDs than I did with the 19" CRT. I could do all I do with one but it is so much more efficient with two.

    Now I can have my editor open on one, and the browser open on the other, no need to alt+tab. Alt+tab.. is alt+tab? I can game on one, and have lets say Ventrilo etc.. on the other. There are so many bonuses.

    ...And the can says Dr. Thunder, Sam's Choice imitation of Dr. Pepper.
  • mandolux has a few good'unz.
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