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[Wordpress Plugin] 'Remember Me' expire

Van 2.3.1, Wordpress 8.5

Hello, I have a great working implementation of JSconnect and the WordPress plug-in.

One thing.. I would like Vanilla's session to recognize the expiry of the wordpress cookie/s. Specifically, if a WordPress user is logged in with a 'Remember Me' Cookie (WordPress default is 14 days), I would like vanilla to adopt it (like it does some other params).

Any ideas how to accomplish that?



  • Since I have no idea how to match up 'remember me' with wordpress's remember me... I decided to just try to make the default session match up to the wordpress remember me.. I added this to the conf.php:

    $Configuration['Garden']['Session']['Length'] = '14 days';

    After deleting cache, I relogged in and checked the cookies.. does not look like it did anything.


  • Well, I may have been over-thinking this. It appears to me that Vanilla honors the 'remember me' cookie.. ie. it will log you in if wordpress is logged in. Anyway, I don't know the details, but thought I'd follow up.

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