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can a member send karma to another member?


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    users must be able to donate a score to each other.

    when a user donates, the balance decreases.

    do you have an idea?

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    My first idea is "Use the [Ask a Question] button on the plugins page".
    My second thought is "Why is he asking me instead of the plugin author?"

    Both are not helpful for you, I know.

    My thoughts about the task are:
    1. This is absolutely doable. "Karma" is just a number in the database.
    2. If the Karma overview is extendable, it would be best to simply add a [Transfer Karma] button to that screen
    3. If the view is not extendable, maybe a module would be a good idea
    4. The Author Selector plugin is an example for how to implement a user picking dialog
    5. Such a plugin should have an Activity

    But if "do you have an idea" means "can you do it for me", I'm sorry I have to say "no". Although I really like the Karma Bank plugin a lot and extending it is always a great experience, I don't have time to write any plugin right now. And if I would have the time, I would continue working on one of my unfinished plugins first.

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    edited February 2018

    I found a primitive solution.

    I just want a little code.

    Those who have negative points can not donate.


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    Don't have time time help you you can create plugin

    General idea of any transaction

            $karmaBank = new KarmaBankModel($userID);
            $balance = $KarmaBank->getBalance(); // you can create conditions based on avaialble balance
            $karmaBank->transaction('Some description...', $amount)); // amount could be negative or positive

    grep is your friend.

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    edited February 2018

    I do not know coding.

    if this is a few lines of code for you. I can wait a few months for you to give me the code. (when you are available)

    Only users with negative points can not vote.

    I just want this.

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    The karma score on my forum represents real money. this is not an arbitrary request.

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    Sorry can't help you. I provide the software as is, this is beyond the scope of this project. It is possible to create plugin that does what you want you can also fork the project should that not be sufficient.

    grep is your friend.

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