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Site does not render after updating to 2.5(.1)


the forum when opened shows the following, literally "{asset name='Head'}", instead of the site.
{asset name='Head'} {logo} {dashboard_link} {discussions_link} {inbox_link} {custom_menu} {profile_link} {breadcrumbs} {module name="MeModule" CssClass="FlyoutRight"} {asset name="Panel"} {searchbox} {asset name="Content"} Powered by Vanilla {asset name="Foot"} {event name="AfterBody"}

I did delete the class settings and cleared the cache, ran update twice.
Then I just overwrite back the 2.3.1 files and it runs fine.
Any ideas, maybe I'm missing something on the site? (PHP 5.6 and 7.2 are installed)


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