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View users votes?

This discussion is related to the Voting addon.

I was interested to view users votes so that users can use the forum to select options for themselves.

I am guessing there is no way to do this natively. I tested what happens when a user votes and the GDN_Discussion table seems not to record vote user ID but just the userID of the post user?

Boldis update on vote or rating:
INSERT INTO GDN_Discussion (DiscussionID, Type, ForeignID, CategoryID, InsertUserID, UpdateUserID, FirstCommentID, LastCommentID, Name, Body, Format, Tags, CountComments, CountBookmarks, CountViews, Closed, Announce, Sink, DateInserted, DateUpdated, InsertIPAddress, UpdateIPAddress, DateLastComment, LastCommentUserID, Score, Attributes, RegardingID) VALUES
(5, NULL, NULL, 2, 7, NULL, 8, 8, 'xfdsfdf', 'dfsfdd', 'Markdown', NULL, 1, NULL, 6, 0, 0, 0, '2018-02-17 19:13:12', NULL, 0x76d2b6e0, NULL, '2018-02-17 20:45:24', 8, 3, NULL, NULL),
(6, NULL, NULL, 2, 7, NULL, 6, 7, 'ggggfgf', 'ddddddff', 'Markdown', NULL, 2, NULL, 22, 0, 0, 0, '2018-02-17 19:13:31', NULL, 0x76d2b6e0, NULL, '2018-02-17 20:21:15', 2, 0, NULL, NULL),
(7, NULL, NULL, 4, 2, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'kgkjh', 'mhfjhf', 'Markdown', NULL, 0, NULL, 3, 0, 0, 0, '2018-02-17 20:21:50', NULL, 0x76d2b6e0, NULL, '2018-02-17 20:21:50', NULL, 1, NULL, NULL);


If I add this functionality I will post vision here but not update the plugin as I am not sure if that would be right .

I was hoping to match users votes for collaboration of people with similar options but I dont think I would get that far.

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