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Auto login or bypass "Sign in with {site_title}" link for Vanilla jsConnect

This discussion is related to the Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn addon.
ab3vab3v Gujarat New


We have integrated SSO jsConnect and it working nicely. After user login on website, if users open forum page( they always have to click "Sign in with {site_title}" link to login into the forum system.I don't want users to click "Sign In with {site_title}"link again for just login, basically I want to automate that things anyways.Please find my setup as below.

Vanilla Version: 2.5.1

Vanilla jsConnect Settings:

Version: 1.5.4
Authentication URL:
Sign In URL:{target}
Registration URL:
Sign Out URL:
Make this connection your default signin method: Enabled
This is trusted connection and can sync roles & permissions.: Enabled
Signing In "Auto Connect" option is enabled.

User Registration Settings: Connect

Please guide me on this.Thanks


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