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Possible bug 2.5.1

I did a clean install of 2.5.1 and in categories the default posted there is 2 dates both say the same date

it says this

Most recent: How to start a great discussion by Victorine Courtois on February 22 February 22

one date is in the link Victorine Courtois on February 22


  • I fixed this on line 110 of categories helper_functions.php

    I changed this

            $r .= '<span class="MostRecentOn">';
            $r .= t('on').' ';
            $r .= anchor(
                Gdn_Format::date($row['LastDateInserted'], 'html'),
            $r .= '</span>';

    to this

            $r .= '<span class="MostRecentOn">';
            $r .= t('on').' '; 
            $r .= '</span>';
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