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Copy Vanilla installation to other directory

In order to update from my current v2.2 installation to v2.5 without affecting my users I have tried the following:

  • duplicated the Vanilla DB
  • copied the Vanilla folder (from /forum to /forum2)
  • edited the /forum2/conf/config.php settings to use the duplicated database
  • deleted /cache/*

My plan had been to apply the 2.5 update to this copy, make sure everything works, then switch to this installation.

However, when I open /forum2, I just get a blank page. No content at all.
I tried setting $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE; but still no error message, nothing.

Only the forum seems to be affected; the complete dashboard seems functional when I go to /forum2/index.php?p=/dashboard/settings

Any help would be appreciated.


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