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Remove CSS Class on all but one page

I am trying to create a simple CSS class that is only visible on one page and hidden on the rest.

This is what I have...

`.homepage .discussions #fromtext{
display: none;

.pageID434 #fromtext{

As you can see I am lost with the page IDs.


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    You need to be a little more specific. Should it be only one special discussion? That is not possible by css.

    There is a div#Discussion_36138 here which is your discussion item.

    You have three options: Javascript, PHP or rethinking your idea.

    You can create either a custom theme or a plugin with a method like that (given that we are really talking about one special discussion):

    public function discussionController_render_before($sender, $args) {
        if (val('DiscussionID', $args) != 36138) {
        $sender->Head->addTag('style', [], '#fromtext{display:block;}');

    That code is untested but shows the way to solve your problem

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