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WAP (wml) theme

edited September 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone that has, at least, WAP support and uses mobile phone daily, but there isn't a good discussion board software that will offer good WAP support. SMF has WAP 1 and WAP 2 support but you cannot post comments or discussions from mobile device and there is some addon for phpbb2 which isn't that perfect and supported as one should like. So i'm asking here if someone would be kind enough to create an addon (i guess a theme is "all" you need to do) that can allow users to list trough discussions, post them and search trough them. I would do it myself but I'm very short on time lately, but I offer my help to the One who will create the addon.


  • mmmm, but isn' t opera minibrowser + xhtml in mobile enough? lussumo is quite light already.
  • You are forgetting that not all mobile phones support xhtml. Lots of people still use mobile phones that doesn't have xhtml support. Me for example :)
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited September 2006
    these phones also dont have gprs or 3g that is essential to any surfing

    buy a new one
  • hah. that's hilarious.
  • I guess "surf the internet with your mobile" is quite hilarious activity. At the moment.
  • For some forum posting and checking new discussions gprs speeds are more than enough. And to enlighten you, most phones that don't have xhtml support do have gprs support. And why would I buy a new phone, when I'm happy with the one i have at the moment? I see that this isn't going anywhere. Forget about my request. You people just know how to contradict and make fun of people.
  • With my limited knowledge of WML (I remember that you had to split things up in pages with page tags, or something like that!), is there support for posting at all with WAP/WML? If two major forum packages can't get it to work, does that mean it's really, really difficult?
  • You can post with WML. See "input elements":
  • plus, it's not that difficult, but wml is very very strict. For example: for special regional characters in wml one must use utf-8, some html entities are not recognizable and other stuff.
  • Well i don't know what browser my phone uses but it works ok for me.
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited September 2006
    "For some forum posting and checking new discussions gprs speeds are more than enough." speeds are ok, but phone screens are damn small it is very clumsy to surf. "I see that this isn't going anywhere. Forget about my request. You people just know how to contradict and make fun of people." I would gladly use this extension but lack the skills to build it. "buy a new one" It was just a friendly suggestion.
  • here's my vote for opera mini. most phones can run it. try it out from your current browser on your phone: nothing better than browsing a few websites while waiting for someone.
  • @Toivo & eliot I agree that it isn't for regular use, but there is quite enough space for reading some forum discussion or opening another one. And I just found out (stupid me ..) that opera mini is java application - always tought that it was just for symibian phones. Sorry for that. And when browsing with opera mini i see why you are saying that the browsing is clumsy. Too much data for mobile phone. It logical becouse it just renders data the different way (the amount of data stays the same). And that's why I suggested wml addon, where you would be able to specify only the necessary things to show. That way browsing on phone beomes less clumsy. Have done one app for online education with wap/wml support and users use it regulary.
  • I have to agree a addon for wml/wap would be useful. More and more people are using mobiles to get connected.
  • did this ever happen? i've run a few searches but not come up with anything. viewing our forum on a phone is difficult at the moment. i'd like to be able to cut out everything except the stuff that's totally necessary e.g. discussion list and comments.
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