Delay of 10-15 seconds when posting new discussion [RESOLVED]

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Any idea why it is taking 10-15 seconds between the time I click the "Post Discussion" button before the browser loads the posted discussion page? This happens on both Firefox and Chrome browser, so I don't liken it to being a browser issue.

Let me know if I can provide any more info that would be helpful to figure out this delay. Thanks for any help or advice!


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    Welcome to the community.

    You might want to check your SQL slow queries log.

    This is far more likely to be an issue with your set up, rather than directly with Vanilla.

  • Well, other database actions seem fine.. e.g. posting comments is immediate.. no delay observed.. only on the "Post Discussion" is delayed.

    Additionally, I created a new category and posting discussions to this new category seems fine. Posting to the default general category is slow for me for some reason.

    I may move the threads over to a new category and delete the default category to see if that fixes it.

    Any other ideas as to what is happening, or how to debug?

  • Consider this solved with a workaround... I created a new category, moved all my threads from problem category into the new category, and deleted the old category where I was seeing the problem. Now posting in the newly created category no longer has a delay.

    Luckily I didn't have but a handful of threads!

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