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Hi! I tried to set up Vanilla and I think I've made a mess of it. I couldn't get it to create the database for me, so I copied the schema (without the data) from elsewhere. That seems to have worked - except that I have no admin user.
Please please please, how do I create an admin user? Alternatively, what do I need to do to sort out the mess that I've made and get Vanilla working properly for me? Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer!

(I created the DB manually because, in, I couldn't see any instructions for creating the DB, or what I needed to do to set up the DB - and I can't remember what I did last time!)


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    Welcome to the community.

    Installing Vanilla should be as simple as

    1) create a blank database and know the user name and password for it (Vanilla populates the DB, it doesn't create it.)

    2) Unzip/upload Vanilla package on your server/local install and visit the folder it is in with your preferred browser

    3) Enter the details requested

    4) That's it.

  • Thank you for your advice, whu606. My only concern there is that I already have one Vanilla schema in my DB - how can I ensure that my original schema doesn't get overwritten (i.e. that I can host two Vanilla instances in MariaDB).
    Would that be as simple as changing the config.php file for my new Vanilla (which I have done already), to point to the new instance?
    When you say 'know the username and password' I guess you mean giving it root access?

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    You would create a new DB (V2, Banana, whatevername you like) and then go through the installation process.

    If after successful installation of a new instance of Vanilla, you would like to use that DB with a different Vanilla install, then yes, you would change the database details in config.php of the target installation, and clear out any ini files from cache folder.

    You can choose any DB user with the appropriate privileges, but of course, root would work.

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