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clean install page cannot be displayed 2.6

I am doing a clean install of 2.6 and I upload the files go to the site to finish installing and get redirected to 404 not found someone posted the same issue here but was told to come to the help section.

if i add this it works /index.php?p=/dashboard/setup but upon clicking continue it goes back to 404


  • DkSDkS New
    edited May 2018

    I solved this by installing 2.5 then upgrading to 2.6 clean install didnt work with 2.6

  • thanks! just experienced same problem, installing 2.5 worked out.

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... Moderator

    The resolution is to rename .htaccess.dist to .htaccess

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