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Vanilla 2.2.1 still working ?

Is there any issue with Vanilla 2.2.1 ? I'm using PHP 5.6 and my vanilla platform is not working while anything else on the same domain is working. I called my hosting provider and they don't see anything wrong on their platform. I get this error message when trying to access my vanilla page: Something has gone wrong.
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  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Vanilla 2.2 ha security issues and therefore you should update. Since it has security issues, your problem might be harmless but it could also be that you have been hacked or whatever.

    You can invest time to track down the error or you can invest time to set up a clean installation. I would recommend setting up a clean installation...

  • I have the same pages on 2 different domains and both give the same problem, that's why I thought that something must have changed in Vanilla 2.2 A clean install sounds like start from scratch. hmm..Thank you for your reply.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You can add $Configuration['Garden']['Debug'] = true; to your config to find out more about the real error.

    Starting with a fresh installation means that you do a fresh installation of 2.6 and after that is finished, do the following steps:

    1. Make a backup of your db and your forum files. That is always the first step
    2. Copy all files from old_installation/uploads to new_installation/uploads
    3. Copy old_installation/.htaccess to new_installation/.htaccess
    4. Change db settings in new_installation/conf/config.php to point to the "old" production db
    5. Visit and - visit both pages more than once in different order. /utility/structure will remain showing some changes, but in the end you can ignore that. Keep cool during this process... :wink:
    6. Have a look at your forum. By now it should show all the content you have had in your old forum (without content supplied by plugins)
    7. Get the latest version of your theme, unzip it to the themes folder and if you cannot find it in the dashboard, delete /cache/theme-index.php
    8. Check your forum again. If there are bugs, ask a question on the theme download page. If it looks nice, proceed
    9. Get the latest versions of the plugins you have been using (tagging is no plugin anymore, it is a core feature now) and unzip them to the plugins folder (or applications folder, depending on what you have downloaded). If you cannot see them in the dashboard, delete /cache/addon.php
    10. Enable one plugin after the other and before you proceed to the next plugin, check your forum if the plugin is working or not. If it is not working, ask a question on the plugins download page

    If this sounds complicated, it only does because I tried to be very verbous. The process itself is straightforward:

    • Backup
    • Clean install
    • Copy uploads and htaccess
    • Run /utility/structure and /utility/update
    • Get theme and plugins
    • Party =)
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    Thank you for your quick follow up. Vanilla 2.6 works with PHP 7.0 and I would love to switch to PHP 7.1, but one of the reasons I'm still using PHP 5.6 is because of my online webcalendar from that I'm using since a couple of years and it doesn't support PHP 7, while it is loaded with info. I figured out that once I switched to PHP 7.1 my Vanilla 2.2.1 forum started to work again, while it has been working very good on PHP 5.6 Is this a problem with the Vanilla platform or my host which is Godaddy ? Unfortunately I have to switch back to PHP 5.6 to be able to use the webcalendar unless a genius can refer me to a better webcalendar that works flawless with PHP 7.1

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Version 1.3 of WebCalendar will support PHP7, but by now it is only in development status.
    There is also an unofficial patch for WebCalendar 1.2.7

    I'm using NextCloud (basically the same as OwnCloud) and it has a nice calendar. On my Android phone I have a CalDav app so that the calendar gets synchronized.

  • Valuable info Thank you. I will look into it.

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