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What should be the value for Category Permissions in v1?

I'm looking at the doc for v1 and I feel like the docs doesn't quite clearly states what the structure of the value should be. For e.g. in
It says the Permissions should be an array type. Great but what does the array look like? In the description it says
"Custom permissions for the category. This must be an array with one item per role. Each item contains a role ID and the permissions to set."
It does try to mention that it takes role ID and up to this point I thought it was a RoleID of roles but what does this "Permission to set" mean?

Has anyone tried this endpoint? Would greatly help if we knew what we need to pass to that field.

Thanks a ton.


  • As luck would have it - I found right after posting this question.

    It's apparently an object - something of this type

      "RoleID": 34,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.View": 1,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Add": 0,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Edit": 0,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Announce": 0,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Sink": 0,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Close": 0,
      "Vanilla.Discussions.Delete": 0,
      "Vanilla.Comments.Add": 1,
      "Vanilla.Comments.Edit": 0,
      "Vanilla.Comments.Delete": 0

    as each role item where obviously 1 is true and 0 is false.

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