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Unable to sign in. It brings up a box with discussions in it!

OK, this one has baffled me for 24 hours. I have recovered a forum on godaddy after the established forum just would not let anyone in. I was permanently in and could not sign out.
Erratic behaviour including no access to discussions list. Just goes back to the first page again. Cannot use the + sign or other menu options.
Can anyone assist?
Here is the screen I get when I attempt to sign in:

Has anyone seen such an error? and how to overcome it. Skills on databases are not good and coding non existent.
Version v2.6 on a Linux shared server. Hoster says they have not upgraded anything except 'easyApache' but that has not caused many problems elesewhere.


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    I have backups and restored them to same and a different location. The same faults reoccur no matter how far back I go with backups.

  • You could try clearing everything in /cache, and see what happens there. It's possible that it's a plugin error of some kind, but since you can't sign in, I have no idea how to disable them, and i'm not sure if just flat out deleting them would be the proper way to go about it.

    Another suggestion would be to perform a fresh install, and point the new install to the old database. That would rule out a lot of things. But i'm no expert, so I suggest you wait until the pros step in.

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    The good news are that I have seen something like that before and it was solved. Bad news are that I do not remember how...

    Is your forum in a subdomain, in a subfolder or embedded?

    What happens if you open the sign in link in a new tab of the browser?

    Does it work if you use "normal" urls instead of pretty urls?

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