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I Need Help! [RESOLVED]

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Discard the title...

Anyway, I created a Vanilla forum today on a subdomain, meta.amplify.tk, and everytime I click a link, it adds more to the link and never lets me go to the regular link, if I click the Activity button, it takes me to http://meta.amplify.tk/home/amplify3/public_html/meta/activity when it should take me too http://meta.amplify.tk/activity, I can't seem to fix it.


  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    It sounds as if your .htaccess file is wrong. Make sure it has a line RewriteBase / in it.

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    I added and removed it, and it still isn't working. New URL is, http://community.amplify.tk

  • Nvm, I switched to Flarum which is way better. Thanks for your help.

  • snootysnooty Florida
    edited July 2018

    Not to start a "tit of tat", (I do like the look of Flarum) but looking at the link below, Flarum is way behind Vanilla as far as popularity goes. Must be a reason for this.

    Have a look at this page: https://www.similartech.com/compare/flarum-vs-vanilla-forums

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    The main reason not to switch to Flarum for anybody who isn't able to install Vanilla is that Flarum is still beta and not for production use.

    If you are using an unfinished product, you need at least to be able to track down errors, but you really shouldn't let other people rely on your service when you have no way to grant for the safety of the data.

  • that is a server level issue. If you are that impatient you will likely not succeed or learn much. Running a server comes with a learning curve, many people dion't want to accept that.

    The web root needs to be stripped from the url path. Sometimes due to setup vanilla cannot detect the webroot on with subdomain site especially due to certain setups on apache. There is an a way the explicitly set the webroot and force it to strip to overcome this, if you do no have full control of your server. Going by your tk domain, I suppect you are on a budget.

    The title should be discarded not simply becuase you are impatient but becuase it is a bad title. Titles like are not going to help you get you answer. Nor are they going help others find the information.

    grep is your friend.

  • I think it was my hosting provider, as I switched hosting providers, and it works fine.

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