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Hook custom validation error

Hi again Team,

I'm trying to hook custom login validation error. I managed to throw it as new Exception message and it show's on the lower left corner. Can I hook/throw this same error on the login validation (the one with red background wrapped with div.Messages Errors > ul > li)?

I've search hours on this forum, can't find any.



  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator
    edited July 2018

    Hard to tell without any code from you.

    Look at this code, taken from the EntryController:

            if ($this->Form->isPostBack()) {
                $this->Form->validateRule('Email', 'ValidateRequired', sprintf(t('%s is required.'), t(UserModel::signinLabelCode())));
                $this->Form->validateRule('Password', 'ValidateRequired');
                if (!$this->Request->isAuthenticatedPostBack() && !c('Garden.Embed.Allow')) {
                    $this->Form->addError('Please try again.');

    Instead of throwing an error, I would simply "put" it there.

    public function entryController_signIn_handler($sender) {
        if ($sender->Form->isPostBack() == false) {
        // Do the checks with $sender->Form->formValues()
        if ($failed == true) {
            $sender->Form->addError('This should be a meaningful message.', 'Your Additional Field');

  • Thanks again @R_J , I indeed managed to add custom error using the condition on $sender->Form->formValues().
    You rock!

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