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Vanilla 2.6.1 is here with critical security patches. One of them has been publicly disclosed.

User Ranks in Open-Source Vanilla 2.6

Hello Folks,

I saw in page [1] below that Vanilla implements some sort of a trophy system called ranks. I could not find this feature in the open-source version 2.5.x and I was wondering whether or not it is available in the open-source version 2.6.x, or perhaps it is available only in the paid versions.

I am considering different forum software with the trophy/rank capability, and I am currently exploring Vanilla. However, I am facing redirection-error difficulties trying to install the open-source version 2.6 on my host, and it would help to know if it's worth spending more time on configuration which is only justified if Vanilla open-source version 2.6 has the ranking capability.

My question is therefore: Does open-source Vanilla version 2.6 support the ranking feature as described in page [1] below?




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