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Extendend Text Formatting & Html Formatter Addon help

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
When "slash me" commands are used in Html formatting the /me reverts back to /me.

Also is there anyway to make the Html formatter addon default to having the comments and threads default to formatting is Html rather than text?


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    "make the Html formatter addon default to having the comments and threads default to formatting is Html"

    that, sir, is one confusing sentence fragment.
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    The default formatting option is Text, how would I go about defaulting it to Html.

    Sorry about the quality of that post, my girlfriend keeps shooting me with a dart gun.
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    ithcyithcy New
    edited September 2006
    once you post a comment in Html, Html should stay selected until you post a comment in Text.
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    (i hope it's the nerf kind and not the angry-lion kind)
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    It's these bright orange darts that stick to glass surfaces.

    Anyways, I was getting at making it default for a user's first post, but the html formatting seems to revert "slash me" to /me **** rather than Username Dances, or whatever it might be.
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    yeah, that part is not built into the HTML Formatter. You can easily add it if you are not afraid of a little PHP.
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    on my forum, i've got a super customized html formatter that processes links and does all kinds of crazy stuff. it's just easier that way.
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    To be honest, I've never really gotten to learn php, it's not as out there as CSS is, If I go looking for something on how to learn it, it's all so bland and has no feel to the writing so in the end you sitting there half a sleep trying to remember what you read a page ago.
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    it's just a tool (but a powerful one.) if you really need it, you'll learn it somehow. there are some enjoyable php books out there, or at least there were, but it's been a few years since i needed one so i can't recommend anything current :)

    anyway i'll post here tomorrow with instructions on how process /mes if you want.
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    If it's not bother that would be great :)
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