Problem in setting up SSO with jsconnect

My vanilla version is 2.5.3 and jsconnect plugin version is 1.5.5. I followed the documentation ( to installed basically everything I can comprehend but still I have something that I do not understand.

As the document writes:
"When linking or redirecting signed-in users to your forum, use the /sso endpoint on the forum. This triggers jsConnect’s user lookup on the connection with “default sign in method” selected without the user needing to click. Optionally, you can provide a Target parameter with a relative path to specify where they should ultimately land on the forum. Example: This is the final critical step in a fully seamless experience."
I do not quite understand where I can find the /sso endpoint on the forum. I read some posts which state that I need to direct my webpage to "myforum/sso". However, it seems like the url does not even exist.

At the forum side, my setting is like:
Authentication URL: http://localhost/helpcareconnect/production/sso_info.php
Sign In URL: http://localhost/helpcareconnect/production/login.php?src=vanilla
Registration URL: http://localhost/helpcareconnect/production/login.php#signup?src=vanilla
Sign Out URL: http://localhost/helpcareconnect/production/login.php

And at my website side, the Authentication file is like:
require_once dirname(FILE).'/functions.jsconnect.php';

// jsConnect settings information
$clientID = "1635577339";
$secret = "331cfe98027574f98fcdeba3f9d6e960";

// Grab the current user from your session management system or database here.
$signedIn = true; // this is just a placeholder

// Fill in the user information in a way that Vanilla can understand.
$user = array();

if ($signedIn) {
$user['uniqueid'] = $_SESSION['username'];
$user['name'] = $_SESSION['firstName'] . ' ' . $_SESSION['lastName'];
$user['email'] = $_SESSION['username'];
$user['photourl'] = '';

$secure = false;
writeJsConnect($user, $_GET, $clientID, $secret, $secure);
header ('../forum');

Now, I have a good response from my endpoint by the test url. That is the result i got:

test({"email":"[email protected]","ip":"","name":"xxx xxx","nonce":"jsconnect_5b88380cbe03e8.00925007","photourl":"","uniqueid":"[email protected]","client_id":"1635577339","sig":"b23b67ca38fdeb2f15cbec8ec0340a8b","v":"2"})

However, I still cannot make the forum sign in. Every time I click the 'sign in with xxx', it directs me back to my own sign in webpage. And even if I sign in at my own webpage again, it just directs to my own dashboard instead of the forum. I am stuck that how i can direct my webpage to the forum. It seems like I missed something important.

Anyone have some thoughts on it? It almost ruins my week...


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I do not have experience with jsconnect, but I would assume that you have to use "Name" instead of "name" and so forth. Spelling should fit to the table columns in Vanilla, I guess

  • BleistivtBleistivt MVP
    edited August 2018

    The lowercase names should be correct.

    Generally, testing SSO on localhost can be tricky. Is there a possibility for you to test this on an actual domain?

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