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How to capture Vanilla Model Events in custom addon?

neelkanthneelkanth New
edited September 8 in Development


I want to handle BeforeSaveDiscussion event of DiscussionModel in a custom plugin. So I created a plugin with below code and enabled it.

class MyPlugin extends Gdn_Plugin

public function __construct()

public function DiscussionModel_BeforeSaveDiscussion_Handler($sender, $args)
    echo "<pre>";


But it looks like this event is not getting called because discussion gets saved but "hello" is not printed. I have checked the browser's console.

I borrowed the above from the QnA plugin (plugins/QnA/class.qna.plugin.php):

public function DiscussionModel_BeforeSaveDiscussion_Handler($Sender, $Args)
$Sender->Validation->ApplyRule('Type', 'Required', T('Choose whether you want to ask a question or start a discussion.'));

  $Post =& $Args['FormPostValues'];
  if ($Args['Insert'] && GetValue('Type', $Post) == 'Question') {
     $Post['QnA'] = 'Unanswered';


Can anyone please help me out here. I might be missing a very small thing here.



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