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How to Update TOS???


Im trying to update the TOS on my forum and so far trying to figure it out has been a useless time suck...

All of the posts I have found are really old and no longer apply or lead to dead links or simply do not work because the structure of the forum has changed.

Or more annoyingly some dude just tosses a link (a super old link) into the request saying this has been covered before ...except the link is pretty useless (see above sentence)

So... can anyone point me to a simple direct way to edit the tos?

much thanks in advance:)


  • first you can set your own url $Configuration['Garden']['TermsOfService'] = '[your url here]';

    if you don't want to direct your own page.

    you can set the following locale definitions

    $Definition['TermsOfService']= '[your title here]';
    $Definition['TermsOfServiceText']= '[your text here]';

    grep is your friend.

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