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Usesful CSS tip

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
if you need to toggle off and on some css just to see what it does or how it might effect your layout
you can use this / in front of the style to toggle it off, it's very handy for checking css and also for learning how one element effects another


/ body { background url()}


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    edited September 2006
    Or! Instead of happening to find something that seems to break your css, you can use actual comments!
    /* body { background url()} */
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    bjrn's one is better :) Also, most editors also recognise it and will use the appropiate colors :)
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    Yes, but it's quicker the bugsmi0 way, I use something like this:
    body{ color:#000; Xcolor:#777; }

    Note the "X", that's the rule browsers will ignore. Just reember to keep those out of the final stylesheet, I use firebug Fx extension for that. (I set it to report CSS erors.)
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    Yeah I use the 'x' technique as well
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    i use the developer extension in firefox to test out any changes i make to the css
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    Is X a rule the browsers really ignore, or is it just that they don't know what xcolor is? Wouldn't bcolor do the same thing? or ccolor? I agree with strawberries, the developer extension is the easiest way to go about it...
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    yeah, bcolor or ccolor would do the same thing.. X is just a good visual cue
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    / much quicker and easy on the eyeball

    the /* */ takes longer and is more permanent if you want to keep something excluded

    but with / its only temporary for diagnostic purposes

    comes in handy to see what's controlling what,
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    Another Great Tip > especially for newbies, STOP!!! using so many damn css selectors, its hard on the eyes to have to look at so many selectors that should never have been created in the first place, instead, learn to group your css within the a container and then style the container for basic things that will effect everything in that container, ie <div id=panel> if you have all your stuff here, just make each item part of the #panel ie #panel h1, #panel select, #panel a etc </div> rarely will you ever have to create a separate selector for an item inside an existing container make your stylesheets simple and easy, i'm sure someone more expertish could say this better but this is one thing that annoys me ha ha, with Vanilla I've been renaming the entire stylesheet just about, I recomend this if you want to find everything also I think someone here recommended in another topic to stop putting css in the core files, just stop it lol oh and the css in the extension files, just top that too while your at it, we shouldn't have to search all over the files for css, just keep it in one location, ok i'm done ;-)
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