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Forum not displaying on iPhone after update to 2.6.4

This discussion was created from comments split from: Security update: Vanilla 2.6.4.


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    After updating from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 I can't use the forum any more from my iPhone.
    This will be displayed:

    {asset name='Head'}
        {home_link} {profile_link} {inbox_link} {custom_menu} {event name="BeforeSignInLink"} {if !$User.SignedIn}
        {link path="signin" class="SignIn"}
    {breadcrumbs homelink="0"}
    {asset name="Content"}
    {nomobile_link wrap="span"} {dashboard_link wrap="span"} {signinout_link wrap="span"}
    Powered by Vanilla {asset name="Foot"}
    {event name="AfterBody"}

    Any help appreciated.

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    Well the template showing is bad, because it supposed to be parsed. That is a fact outside of what device you use.

    That implies that Smarty is not workign correctly, or you have malformed template, as it should not be seeing any of the template directly. Check your curly brackets. Also check you have uploaded all the files and the upload is not incomplete, like partial a files, etc. If you your upload was interrupted, you could have fragments of the file.

    This is not normal and as bad as mobile safari is, and it is a terrible browser which apple has no interest is supporting I suspect it isn't related. Unless it has aggressively cached a page, when it was broken and now it isn't. Mobile browsers can be aggressive with caching. But the error itself is something the server has spit out, and this only happens under unique circumstances I mentioned.

    grep is your friend.

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    AtzeAtze New
    edited November 2018

    Thanks for your hints. After some tries I found the problem:

    It's strange for me. I made changes to file /themes/mobile/views/default.master.tpl.
    These changes are not the cause of the problem, but the name of the backup copy of the file I made: 'default.master.tpl-Original2.6.4'.
    If I rename this backup, e.g. to default.master.tpl--Original2.6.4 (one more -), everything runs.

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    x00x00 MVP
    edited November 2018

    It is bad form to make backup in that way. Keep your web folder clean. Keep backups outside of the servable locations.

    This is a potential security risk among other things. be careful of editor that do ~ (tilde) or other ghost files, check for hidden files.

    Avoid hotfix approach (live editing of files on the server), instead have a deployment process. Instead of backing files in that way you could use version management and when you deploy you just include the snapshot without the history.

    If you use anything like rsync to deploy use options to clean up like --delete.

    grep is your friend.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will remove these files.

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