Confirmation email not send

Even if a new user tries to register, the confirmation e-mail is not sent. E-mail address etc. are not wrong. Why?


  • Hi ksuk, email troubleshooting can be a pretty large scope of things. For me, I'd need more information to help... as much as you can. Your hosting platform? OS? SMTP or sendmail? Your Vanilla version.. etc etc..

  • ksukksuk New
    edited November 2018

    Thank you @ donovanb =)
    My Forum is hositing by CPanel.

    And, Email is G-suite, Version 2.6.4.
    I don't understand why confirm email isn't send..

  • ksuk, thanks. There is still a lot to consider.. but I guess it's a start.

    In Settings => Technical => Outgoing Email

    Do you have 'Use an SMTP server to send email' checked?

    Lastly, do you have and know how to use SSH on your cPanel server?

    Sorry if I don't respond every day.


  • Thank you.

    I don't check SMTP setting..😌

  • donovanbdonovanb
    edited November 2018

    Hi, does indeed look to be hosted by the google mail servers.. so if want to send from that email, probably best to use their SMTP relay service:

    and maybe:

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