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Rookie: Themes not displaying after extracting FTP

Vanilla 2.6.4

Hi I am using Bluehost > cPanel > FTP Manager. Then upload .zip file to /home3/domainname/public_html/Forum/themes. The extract the file in the the same directory (themes). Nothing displays in the dashboard though. I am trying to use Colors theme:

It doesn't seem to include a readme file except for the within fonts. When it's extracted it seems to be the right directory Themes > Colors > then it includes the folders: design, js, views, and files addon, example, and screenshot. When I looked at the other themes that do work they seem to follow a similar layout.

From what I've read on the topic it seems like I am missing something simple but everyone just says they just figured it out and don't post how the resolved it so sorry if this is really simple.

Help appreciated!


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