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Two Forums, Same Domain

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have two vanilla installs on the same domain. One member is registered to both forums, he's member 16 on the "main" forom, and 4 on the "second" forum. He posted to the "main" forum and it appeared as-if he was member 4 on the "main" forum. After that post it straightened itself out. Shouldn't the cookies not apply cross-forum in this way? Can anyone "hack" their identity by altering their cookie?


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    Now that I know what I was searching for, the answer to my problem. Still, it shouldn't behave this way.
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    Well unless you tell the forum that there's another one like it and configure it to work in such a way it's really rather difficult to work it out for itself. If you do have any ideas how to avoid such a problem with no user configuration I'm sure Mark would be interested in the concept. I assume you have it working correctly now?
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    I'm not sure, the second forum is super low traffic and I haven't bothered to make a dummy account, but I have added the info about the cookies. I assumed the info about the directory played in to how the cookie worked somehow. I wish there were an easier way for Vanilla to handle two separate forums with two sets of features. (One is invite-only, the other isn't.) And/or I wish I could install multiple instances on the same DB (there probably is a way to hack the sql stuff, I haven't searched for it yet). I might be in the minority in wanting mulitple unrelated forums on the same domain and in the same database.
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    edited September 2006
    I've got good news for you, Mark W: there's a config option that will allow two Vanilla installs to share a database but use separate tables.

    Just add $Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX'] = 'something other than LUM_'; to your conf/settings.php file. The table prefix doesn't apply to the User table, so you'll need to change that manually by adding $DatabaseTables['User'] = 'YOURPREFIX_User'; to conf/database.php. Now Vanilla will use your prefix in all database queries! You'll have to manually rename the tables in your database, though.

    (Note: this process only needs to be applyed to one of your two forums.)
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    Sweet. I sort of figured it was such. Now pardon me while I laugh maniacally and try to figure out how to accomplish what I actually want.
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    If you do have any ideas how to avoid such a problem with no user configuration

    Use the path portion of the URL as COOKIE_USER_KEY etc., (or something similar that's easily picked up by the code and differentiates the instances)? Thinks like cookie prefixes, table prefixes, etc., ought really to be prompted for during installation rather than requiring manual editing of the files, but perhaps I'm old fashioned. :P
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