email-basic.tpl and @mentions + bbcode

phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP
edited January 7 in Vanilla 2.6 Help

Hi all,

1 - Running Vanilla 2.6.4 the email-basic.tpl doesn't not seem to be used when a @usermentions are send out.

2 - Another problem is that BBCode doesn't get parsed which would be ok for me if the BBCode-code would at least not get rendered.

Do others have this issue as well?

For more info, see the image attached. On the left my design with visible BBCode, on the right @mentions are not given the proper design of the email-basic.tpl

By the way for everyone else working with the email-basic.tpl: Don't use HTML comments. Templates with comments are not getting send out.

Best regards,


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