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Approval Email Notification not working with 2.6 [RESOLVED]

This discussion is related to the Approval Email Notification addon.
Andy KAndy K
edited January 10 in Vanilla 2.6 Help

Hi all, I'm trying to get the plugin "Approval Email Notification 0.1.0" to work on my forum, in order for the mod/admin staff to be notified when there's a new applicant waiting approval.
( )

It doesn't seem to work with Vanilla 2.6 (no surprise, it's old). I attempted the fix in 2.5 here:
( )
...however this fix does not seem to work on 2.6.

I see the plugin listed, and can turn it on; but when I click the "Settings" icon for this plugin, instead of a setting window popping up, nothing happens. Instead, on the bottom left a grey box with the word "more" pops up. When I click on the word "more", a window pops up that appears to be a list of the Moderator/Admin users, but the context is broken, and there's nothing to click on (checkboxes etc).

Anyone have a fix for this plugin for Vanilla 2.6 installs? Or now what to look at next for troubleshooting?

Attaching screenshots.


  • Andy KAndy K
    edited January 10

    Hah, uh... okay... Apologies, this whole discussion may be moot.

    Long story short, I've been using Vanilla forums since 2006; been on a hiatus for a few years, getting back into setting up a new community. In earlier 2.X iterations, I made use of this "Notify for new user" addon.

    When messing around in the 2.6 user dashboard for Notification Preferences, I saw that there was the following line:

    "Notify me when anyone applies for membership."

    On a whim, I disabled the above Addon, and checked my Notification Preferences again: It's still there. Hah.

    In other words, in some recent iteration, admin email notification for new users has become a default feature of the basic Vanilla forums suite, and I didn't notice. I didn't need this plugin after all.

    So... RESOLVED, I guess? Functionality is now in native 2.6 Vanilla code.

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