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Notice on new classes in Vanilla 2.8

charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS)Montreal Vanilla Staff

As many of of you might have noted, the 2.8 release is around the corner. https://open.vanillaforums.com/discussion/36959/more-changes-in-vanilla-2-8-coming-feb-6#latest

There are a few things I'd like to note for addon developers in this release.

Note on new classes

We've added quite a few new subsystems that are not fully ready for public consumption. I'm trying to mark them with the @internal annotation, but I may not get all of them. With that in mind:

Don't use new undocumented classes, especially ones with the @internal annotation, unless you are ready and prepared to update them in the next release. We are actively iterating on these new parts of the framework, and some may have their public APIs, and classnames adjusted in the next release.

A few examples of of classes or namespaces like this.

  • Vanilla\Formatting\EmbedManager
  • Vanilla\Models\Model
  • Vanilla\Models\PipelineModel
  • Vanilla\Datebase\Operation
  • Vanilla\Formatting\Embeds
  • Vanilla\Models\DraftModel
  • Vanilla\Web\PageController
  • Vanilla\Web\Page

When these new pieces are completed we will document them publicly, deprecate old alternatives, and provide a clear path forward. Thank you for your understanding.


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