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multiple installs on one server

I suspect this might overlap a little with I'm hosting a number of domains on a single FreeBSD server - I want to set each of them up with entirely separate forums, and to run them all off a single copy of the scripts, with only a minimum of config files separate for each domain. Does this sound feasible? Thanks a lot for your help. Ben


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    i guess you could stick some if's in the config files if ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'domain1.php') { set database variables for forum 1 } else if () { } else etc etc dunno whether its considered bad practise to touch the core files in vanilla though :?
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    I'd suggest avoiding something like that if possible. I believe you should be able to use central library, extensions, languages, and themes folders, but will need to put everything else into a folder per forum. You'd then need to look at the conf/settings.php file for each forum and make sure the path settings are all correct (to point to the central location). You also need to open up the appg/settings.php file, and copy the: $Configuration['COOKIE_USER_KEY'] = 'lussumocookieone'; $Configuration['COOKIE_VERIFICATION_KEY'] = 'lussumocookietwo'; lines into your conf/settings.php files and give those 2 values unique names for each forum. I think once you've done all that correctly you should be good to go unless I've missed something. Give it a go with some dummy forums which dont matter before going fully live though and let us know how it goes. I think with the setup i describe you're talking about 1meg for the central repository then about half a meg per forum which you really cant argue with.
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